Bishop praises the work of CRMC during official visit

Bishop praises the work of CRMC during official visit

THE Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre won praise from the Bishop of Coventry, the Rt Rev Dr Christopher Cocksworth, as he made an official visit to the charity.

He said that through its work, the CRMC was living out the city’s legacy of peace and reconciliation.

The Bishop was speaking during his first visit to the CRMC offices in Bishop Street since becoming the charity’s patron.

He not only celebrated the important work CRMC does, he also toured the charity’s departments to see how they support newly arrived communities.

At a networking lunch he was able to talk to staff, volunteers and Board members, and in a speech he said the CRMC could play a hugely important role, telling Coventry’s story of welcome, integration, and community building.

He added that through its work the charity showed how one could be a good neighbour.

CRMC Director Sabir Zazai thanked the Bishop for his continuing support as a friend and patron of the charity. He said the visit would further cement the strong working relationship CRMC had established with the churches, Cathedral and other faith communities in the city.

He said the work of the CRMC was an important part of the fabric of Coventry and it had a wider positive impact on the city’s communities. Sabir added that he was grateful to all people – with or without religious faith commitments – for the support they offered to strengthen the warm welcome the city extended to vulnerable refugees.

The visit ended with the Bishop calling in at the CRMC’s weekly social support group for vulnerable and destitute refugees, and a prayer for world peace.



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