Refugee Week Stories: Day 2 - Sabir Zazai

The refugee helping others to find peace

On World Refugee Day, we bring you the second story from some of the inspirational people we’ve been fortunate to work with this past year.

Our CEO Sabir Zazai has been speaking to Marienna Pope-Weidemann from Refugee Week, taking time to recount his own journey fleeing conflict in Afghanistan, to building hope, peace and sanctuary for others in Coventry.

Great oaks grow from humble beginnings. When Sabir arrived in Coventry via Dover in 1999, the acorn was just three people from the community doing what they could. Coventry has a proud post-war history of welcoming refugees but Sabir’s was one of the first groups to arrive for many years. Their kindness and openness had a profound effect on him. “After enduring conflict in Afghanistan, which of course continues, and much danger on my journey, their hospitality and willingness to listen meant more to me than anything else they could have given,” he says. “I was separated from my family and my home, but meeting them I started to feel once more that I belonged.”

Read the full story here.

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