We see growing numbers of destitute clients in Coventry coming to us for help because they have no one else to turn to. We are only able to give help because of money kindly donated by individuals and community groups. Please help. All donations go to The Coventry Destitution Fund, which gives practical help to people suffering extreme hardship.

  • Food, toiletries and necessities
  • Clothes, nappies, toys etc for children
  • Night shelter, travel & subsistence payments (e.g. for travel to UKBA Croydon/Liverpool)

As well as emergency and ad-hoc subsistence support to destitute people, each month we buy and distribute over 50 food parcels to individuals and families who have no money and nothing to eat.

Please support The Coventry Destitution Fund:

Clicking the Donate button allows you to give securely online to help destitute asylum seekers experiencing great hardship. All monies received are given directly to the destitute via Coventry Hope Partnership organisations.

  • To raise funds at your local church, school. mosque, gurudawa, community group, trades union branch etc please contact Sabir Zazai for assistance and guidance
  • To donate food, clothes, toiletries, nappies etc please leave at Reception with a note of your contact details

Your donations will help us to provide:

£5 – 1 food parcel with enough for 5 meals, or Toiletries and necessities for one person to last a month, or Sanitary towels to last a month

£10 – 2 food parcels with enough to feed one person for a week, or Toiletries and necessities for a family to last a month, or Night shelter at Peace House for one with meal, breakfast, shower

£25 – Food and necessities for a destitute person to contribute to a host household towards their upkeep for a fortnight, or Travel expenses for one person to attend UKBA in Croydon or Liverpool

£50 – 10 food parcels with enough provisions for 50 meals, or Food to support one person for a month in a destitution room

£75 – Food and necessities for a pregnant destitute woman to last a month

£150 – Food and necessities to support a destitute family for a month, or 30 food parcels with provisions for 150 meals

£250 – Emergency shelter & support for a vulnerable destitute family for a month

£500 – Food parcels to feed 50 destitute people for a week, or Food parcels to feed one person for a year

£750 – Food and support for one destitute person in destitute room for a year