Support Us

Thank you for your interest in supporting Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre.

You can donate securely online

. All monies received go directly to support destitute refugees and asylum seekers. Supported entirely by donations it gives practical help to those suffering great hardship.

You can make a regular donation by standing order

Donations will go towards our appeal to raise £1,000 a month for our local destitute – please download and complete this form Standing_Order_Donation.doc

Your group can raise funds

To raise funds at your local church, school. mosque, gurudawa, community group, trades union branch and other community buildings. Please contact Sabir Zazai for guidance.

You can donate goods

Donations of foods and non-perishable foodstuffs provide essential food and neccessities for destitute asylum seekers. Tinned tomatoes, vegetables, fruit, tuna and other tinned foods, tea bags, sugar, cooking oil, rice and pasta are particularly welcome. Other goods welcomed include toiletries, nappies, baby clothes (up to 2 years) and pushchairs. Please leave donated goods with a note of your contact details at CRMC reception during opening hours.

You can volunteer

Read about the opportunities and benefits in the Volunteering section

You can make a difference

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all organisations, inviduals, schools, universities and churches who regularly and tirelessly campaign on our behalf and who have made contributions to our destitution fund – The Coventry Destitution Fund.