Supported Housing Unit

The Supported Housing Unit aims to support our vulnerable clients in helping secure and maintain a place to live.

The CRMC’s Housing Unit has a range of properties to accommodate refugees, migrants and destitute asylum seekers. The majority of these are classed as “supported housing”, which aims to help our clients plan positively for their future.

We provide some permanent accommodation, but mostly, accommodation is offered on a temporary basis, (usually for a period of 6 months) to help those who have received Leave To Remain in the UK to build themselves a base to live independently in the city. We also provide help to clients experiencing problems with NASS housing.

We work with clients and provide structured help in resolving issues on all aspects of running a home, from tenancy agreements to utility problems.

CRMC Landlords/Tenant Service

With a 10 year history of assisting refugees settle and integrate into UK life, a key part of our work is securing suitable accommodation. In November 2010 we launched a fee paying scheme for landlords, which matches good quality tenants to their accredited accommodation.

For landlords it means that CRMC clients can be taken on as tenants, with the advantage of housing benefit payments being made direct to the landlord. A CRMC case worker is assigned to a client to deal with any difficulties and administer a smooth transaction between landlord and client.

In return for a one-off fee, landlords can expect a signed Tenancy Agreement for 6 months, a deposit of one month’s rent in advance paid through a Credit Union, an application under the Housing Benefit Vulnerability Criteria for direct payments to the landlord for 6 months and a CRMC caseworker to help deal with issues and problems.

To access our services, or for general housing advice, call CRMC and speak directly to us on 02476 227 254 (ext. 223 or 255)