The Coventry Destitution Fund

The Coventry Destitution Fund (formerly The Hope Fund, Coventry)

Destitution is a growing issue among Asylum Seekers in the UK.  Asylum Seekers are unable to work and many have to rely on Government support in order to survive.  Those who have been refused support, end up relying on charities and handouts just to meet their most basic needs.

The British Red Cross has acknowledged the growing destitution as a major humanitarian crisis.  Due to current UK policy, hundreds of thousands of people are denied employment, made homeless and refused healthcare.

All across the UK, national and local bodies, as well as charities, are reporting growing concerns at the increasing amount of people who find themselves trapped in a cycle of poverty.

In order to combat the growing problem of destitution, the CRMC set up The Coventry Destitution Fund.

The Fund was established in 2009 (and known then by the name of The Hope Fund Coventry) by the former Mayor of Coventry, Alderman Jack Harrison,

Dr David Knibb (former Chair of the CRMC) and Bhopinder Basi (former CEO of the CRMC).  Its Patron is the Right Reverend Dr Christopher Cocksworth, Bishop of Coventry.

The Fund is a network of support organisations within Coventry, but managed by the CRMC.

The Fund was therefore established to help feed, shelter and clothe the destitute within our city.  Destitute asylum seekers cannot get recourse to public funds. The Fund therefore depends entirely on money generously donated by people and groups within Coventry and surrounding areas.  Money and goods donated are given in full and directly to those in need.

For more information or to make a donation to the fund, please visit