Therapy Services


Specialist emotional and mental health service for asylum seekers and refugees in Coventry and surrounding areas since November 2003.

We are a unique service for this region in terms of working knowledge, understanding, experience, skills and practice, cultural and linguistic sensitivity embedded into our operations, as well as holistic approach to ensuring clients’ wellbeing. We support asylum seekers, refugees and migrants who experience mental ill-health due to complex trauma. This could be as a result of war, conflict, violence, abuse, persecution, or disaster in their home countries, compounded by negative experiences during their flight to safety.

We offer:

  • Information-education work on emotional and mental health and wellbeing (client and community focused);
  • Information-education work/teaching on mental health of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants and implications for service provision (service provider and student focused, e.g., social work, psychology, clinical psychology, mental health nursing);
  • Specialist counselling for asylum seekers, refugees and migrants with complex trauma;
  • Specialist art therapy – individual and group, for asylum seekers, refugees and migrants;
  • Facilitated studio art work;
  • If required, language support is available from qualified interpreters;
  • Consultations on health and psychosocial services development, implementation and evaluation, work with trauma, asylum seekers, refugees and migrants (service provider focused);
  • Workplace wellbeing support.


We are members of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP)

(organisational membership No: 119472)bacp logo redrawn


We aim to provide discreet, safe and ethical practice across all areas of patient/client safety, their therapy and development of skills and competence of our therapists, maintaining standards and compliance with BACP ethical guidance for good practice. We are currently working to achieve BACP accreditation.