For over a decade

We've been helping local refugees and migrants

The CRMC traces its roots to the first acts of kindness shown to refugees and asylum seekers by community-minded volunteers in Hillfields. By providing help and advice to newcomers in the community, they led to the establishment of CRMC in 2000.

Our Vision:

Coventry Refugee & Migrant Centre welcomes all refugees and migrants to help them rebuild their lives and achieve their full potential in safety and dignity in Coventry.

Our Mission:

We welcome and meet the needs of refugees and migrants to help them settle in into Coventry, supporting their integration and encouraging them to contribute fully to the life of the City.

CRMC Values:

Caring – We care for each individual fleeing war, conflict and persecution

Supportive – We help those in need to find sanctuary and peace in our city

Honest – We serve with honesty, integrity and compassion

Innovative – We are innovative in our approach to meeting the needs of those we support

Influential – We provide a voice for refugees and migrants locally and nationally

Equality – We celebrate the diversity and vibrancy that refugees and migrants bring to our communities

Quality – Our focus is on people that we serve (refugees and migrants) and we will strive for excellence through evaluation and continuous improvement

Expression & realisation of our values in action:

“A refugee is dispersed to Coventry, they are completely disoriented as their spoken English is not good, and they have no idea about how to get help.  A kind person sees that they are distressed and suggests that an organisation called CRMC will be able to help them, and takes them to their offices.  CRMC is well known in the city and surrounding areas as an organisation that champions the causes of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, and is seen by the local communities as a tangible example of the work of peace and reconciliation that is at the heart of what the city is famous for.  They received a really warm and friendly welcome, their immediate needs of refreshment and toilet facilities are taken care of and pretty soon they meet someone who speaks a language that they can understand and that is able to help them.  They are provided with accommodation, basic toiletries and enough food to keep them going, and CRMC helps them with their paperwork / applications.  CRMC helps them deal with any medical and welfare issues, helps them to find a permanent place to live and to integrate into the community by providing English and computing lessons, and by helping them to find meaningful and appropriate work.”

Philip Emeagwali

“The hardship of living in a refugee camp made me psychologically strong.”

How we help

The Coventry Destitution Fund

Destitution is a growing issue among Asylum Seekers in the UK.  With many having to rely on charities or handouts just to survive. In response to this, CRMC set up The Coventry Destitution Fund.

Answering Your Questions

If you are in need of any help or advice, we have a variety of teams who are ready to help you. From immigration inquiries to finding employment, we can help.

Therapy Support

We provide a range of mental health and wellbeing services for new and settled migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. Our services range from information-education activities focused on emotional and mental health to specialist counselling and art therapy for individuals suffering from complex trauma.