About us


Who we are

Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre (CRMC) extends a warm embrace to asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants in Coventry, fostering an environment that empowers them to reconstruct their lives and fullfill their potential.

From its modest origins in the back of a local laundrette, the charity has undergone remarkable growth over the past two decades. Today, it reaches out to and assists over 4,000 individuals annually, encompassing destitute families, victims of trafficking and modern slavery, unaccompanied children, and those escaping conflict zones worldwide.

Throughout this transformative journey, our steadfast commitment to providing a welcoming and empowering sanctuary has remained unwavering. This success owes much to the continuous generosity, dedication, and expertise of our volunteers, staff, board members, funders, and partners.

In pursuit of our goals, we offer a comprehensive array of front-line and partner services designed to address the immediate support needs of our clients. These encompass a spectrum of services ranging from employment and immigration advice to therapeutic interventions, English language classes, social groups, and beyond.

Each of these services plays a crucial role in assisting those we exist to serve in rebuilding their lives. By facilitating their integration into local communities, we aim to empower them to contribute fully to the vibrant life of Coventry, all within a framework of safety and dignity. Our holistic approach ensures that individuals are not only provided with essential support but also encouraged to participate actively in the cultural and social fabric of their newfound home.


What we do

In the past year, Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre has:

• Provided 7356 appointments through our Advice Team 

• Delivered 1276 hours of English classes.

• Offered translation and interpretation services in over 67 languages through our Lingo Links social enterprise

• Helped 1628 clients through the Advice Team, continuing throughout lockdown

• Helped 300 people through our Integrate Coventry partnership

• Supported 21 students through our Building Bridges project to go into employment



• Offered 1,700 hours of therapy to 731 people.

• Supported and safeguarded  45 victims of domestic abuse.

• Helped 141 people via our Supported Housing Team.

• Employed over 10 cleaners and paid for 5,000 hours of work with Spring Action.

• Delivered 456 people with immigration advice.

• Secured 2,000 attendances at information sessions, social clubs, groups and activities provided by the Integration Project.