Complex Needs Team

Supporting and safeguarding highly vulnerable individuals with continuous support requirements

Who we are

Our dedicated Complex Needs Team specializes in providing comprehensive support to individuals requiring collaborative and extended assistance.
We collaborate closely with other agencies and statutory services to ensure that every client receives holistic and ongoing care.
From coordinating with external organisations to offering ongoing support, we strive to provide a rounded approach that addresses the diverse needs of our clients effectively.

Our team specialising in complex needs boasts extensive experience in this field, with years of expertise. We conduct individual assessments for each client and tailor bespoke casework to meet their specific requirements.

• One to one casework support and advocating on clients behalf

• Providing advice, information and working with relevant organisations and services that can offer further support

• Ensuring all individuals presenting as destitute have access to appropriate legal services

• Providing food, water, shelter, clothing, toiletries and sanitary products to the destitute

• Community projects and social clubs including our Men’s Group

• Support for a wide range of complex needs including mental health, trafficking, disabilities, destitution, domestic violence and unaccompanied minors

• Acting as an independent advocate for unaccompanied minors at age

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You can access the Complex Needs Team by:

 Referrals following an appointment with our Advice Team

External organisations and / or  individuals can  make referrals by emailing: 

or by calling our reception on:

02476 227 254