The Coventry Destitution Fund

A vital lifeline for those seeking safety in Coventry.

Who we are

The Coventry Destitution Fund was established in 2009 to provide food, shelter and clothes to vulnerable asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants within our city. Via our other services, we then work with these vulnerable people to ensure they can rebuild their lives in peace.

It depends entirely on money and items generously donated by people and groups within Coventry and surrounding areas. 100% of the money donated is used to support people who are destitute. 

Please help us to continue to be a lifeline by clicking the donate button above or at the bottom of this page. Thank you in advance for any support you can provide.

Why we are needed

At Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre we consistently work with people who are seeking safety that have been left destitute by the systems designed to protect them. They may be a victim of trafficking, torture or have escaped war; in some cases, a combination of all three.
Many are prevented from working despite wanting to, are a victim of the United Kingdom’s complex and unfair immigration systems, or have their claim for asylum incorrectly refused due to mistakes with paperwork or lost files. While we support these people to appeal against their decision – which is often overturned – The Coventry Destitution Fund provides the lifeline enabling them to survive. 

Support us

There are two main ways to support The Coventry Destitution Fund. To make a financial donation – either a one off or regular – please head to our donation page.

If you would like to make a donation of items, please contact our team at   who be able to advise on what we can accept and a suitable time to do this. A list of essential items for the destitution fund is available here 

What we offer

The Coventry Destitution Fund provides vital support to vulnerable asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants such as food, sanitary products, shelter, clothing, nappies and toiletries.
The below provides an example of what each donation will help us to provide the destitute: 

£5 One food parcel with basic items, or toiletries and necessities such as sanitary towels for one person to last two days.

£10 One food parcel, which contributes to feeding one person for a week.

£25 Food and necessities for a destitute person to contribute towards their upkeep for a fortnight.

£85 Food and necessities for a pregnant destitute woman to last a month.

£100 Food and necessities to help support a homeless family for a month.