The Coventry Destitution Fund

A vital lifeline for those seeking safety in Coventry

The Coventry Destitution Fund was established in 2009 to provide food, shelter and clothes to vulnerable asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants within our city. 

It depends entirely on money and items generously donated by people and groups within Coventry and surrounding areas. 100% of the money donated is used to support people who are destitute. 

Please help us to continue to be a lifeline by clicking the donate button.

Thank you in advance for any support you can provide.

Destitution refers to a state of severe poverty where individuals or families lack the basic necessities required for a decent standard of living. This includes insufficient access to:

Food: Lacking adequate food to maintain health and well-being.

Shelter: Not having a stable and safe place to live.

Clothing: Inadequate clothing for the weather and social norms.

Healthcare: Limited or no access to necessary medical care.

Financial Resources: Minimal or no income to cover basic expenses.

Destitution often involves a lack of access to public funds or support services, making it difficult for individuals to improve their situation without external assistance. It can be a particularly critical issue for refugees and migrants who may face additional barriers such as language difficulties, legal challenges, and social isolation.

You can make a donation by clicking on the ‘donate’ button above, or by emailing:

The below provides an example of what each donation will help us to provide the destitute: 

£5 One food parcel with basic items, or toiletries and necessities such as sanitary towels for one person to last two days.

£10 One food parcel, which contributes to feeding one person for a week.

£25 Food and necessities for a destitute person to contribute towards their upkeep for a fortnight.

£85 Food and necessities for a pregnant destitute woman to last a month.

£100 Food and necessities to help support a homeless family for a month.